Meet Pearl

More About Me...

Female Gray Russian Blue Mix
Age: 4 months
Litterbox Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Dogs: Unsure
Declawed: No

Hey, I am Pearl, or Pearlie Girlie, as my foster mom likes to call me, and boy am I one big purr machine! I absolutely love people to hold me, pet me, play with me, oh, and feed me! Fetch, well my version of it, is my favorite game. I have a favorite flat mouse and I love to have my mom throw it for me and I run and pounce on it, throw it in the air and carry it in my mouth. Then we do it all over again. My foster home has several dogs and cats and I am slowly learning to interact with them. It is a very slow process. I have started sniffing noses with the cats, but dogs, well, I just don’t trust them yet. I probably will come around to liking a dog but it would have to be a dog that already loves cats. I haven’t been around children yet, but I am pretty confident and as long as they will be gentle and play with me, I am sure I will love them. One thing I really do not like, is to be left alone. I cry and cry. So, if you think I am the purrfect kitty for you, please have another young, friendly cat or kitten that I can play with.