Meet Fiddler

More About Me...

Male Brown/Black Tabby with White DMH
Age: 6 months
Litterbox Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes Over 6
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Dogs: Unsure
Declawed: No

Cue the action! We are the perfect “comedy musical duo” of Kismet and Fiddler, the kittens you have been searching for all your life! We didn't have an easy start in life coming from a rural shelter in need of TLC but we sure are living it up now, and we are ready for our forever home (please please together!). The first thing you need to know about us is that we are purely awesome. Second, look at us. Totally adorable together, right? We are personable, high energy kittens with hobbies that include running, playing, exploring, sibling wrestling, purring, cuddling in your arms and stealing your heart. Clearly from our photos you can tell one of us is a bit of a goofball and the other enjoys every moment of the shenanigans. If we sound like the kind of performance you want to enjoy every single day, then please complete an application and make us part of your family!