Meet Boots

More About Me...

Female Gray and White and Cream Dilute Calico DSH
Age: 9 years 8 months
Litterbox Trained: Yes
Good with Kids: Unsure
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Declawed: No

Hi There! My name is Boots. They say it's because my white paws look like I am wearing boots. They also say I am a senior cat, but I don't feel like a senior one bit. I am just me. A sweet and very social cat. Mostly I like hanging out in the same room as my foster parents. I just walk up to them for pets and then find a nice spot near them to curl up. The best is when my foster dad holds me and sings to me. I think I just like being around people. They also have two other cats and a large dog. I get along with them, but I still hope to find a family of my own. At night I usually follow my foster parents to bed. I have to meow at them a few times, but eventually, they settle down so that I can lie down between them and soak up the love. My coat is super soft, so really, it's more for their benefit. :) If you are looking for an older girl that just wants to be your buddy, maybe I can be that girl. After all, they also say boots are made for walking...and I want to walk right into your heart, forever!