COVID-19 UPDATE: We are resuming activites using social distancing practices.
Adoption meet and greets are still being conducted outside or by Zoom/FaceTime.
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By signing up to be a weekly supporter, you don't have to remember to give and you won't even miss the $1 each week that's helping animals.
Adoption gets you love, loyalty and furry fun, every day of your life.

You get unconditional love and devotion and so does a deserving dog or cat. If you can't adopt, you can still save innocent lives with a donation of any size. If what you have to give is your time, become a foster parent or volunteer and help care for homeless pets who really deserve it.

Changing lives. Yours, and theirs.
We can rescue as many animals as we have fosters for.

Foster homes are the most critical need we have. Every day we see many animals in shelters we want to help - but we can only take them in if they have a place to go. Open your home - and your heart - up to an animal to give them a humane tomorrow.

Become a foster and change a life. Yours, and theirs.
Our Mercy Fund gives animals a second chance at a good life.

An animal shouldn't lose its life simply for lack of money for medical care. For many animals, the Mercy Fund offers the only chance they have at finding a new home. We think they are worth it… but we can only save as many of them as we can afford.

Make a donation and change a life. Yours, and theirs.
Want to know more about us, what we do, and our vision for the future?

Watch this public service announcement and help us achieve this worth while goal!

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Our Character Education program teaches pre-K through 2nd grade empathy and respect through animal stories kids can relate to...

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Our spay/neuter program helps pet owners do the right thing for their pets and the community.

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Flower's Fund keeps families together by helping pet owners facing financial difficulty cover unexpected costs.

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Innovative programs like Love on Wheels are reducing euthanasia in Texas shelters.

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About Us

Founded in 1997 by a small but committed group of volunteers, we have grown into one of the most respected humane organizations in north Texas…